Project Description


Active ingredient: Fluroxypyr 200 g / L

Presentation: ARBITER is a systemic post-emergence herbicide, used to combat annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in cereal and maize crops and pasture.

Technical specifications

  • ARBITER is selective for the crops for which it has been registered (straw cereals sown in autumn and spring; fodder maize and newly seeded pastures, older than 1 year).
  • The product is absorbed through the foliar apparatus and rapidly translocated throughout the plant. The effect of the herbicide can be observed 7-10 days after application, when the weeds have stopped developing, have a light green to yellow color, culminating in total destruction.
  • ARBITER is a herbicide containing Fluroxypyr 200 g / L, one of the most effective for combating cleavers (Galium aparine) in straw cereal crops and pastures.

Recommended usage:

  • ARBITER is applied when the target weeds are in the development phase of at least one pair of formed leaves. The applied solution should completely cover the whole foliar apparatus of the weeds so that the effect of the herbicide is maximum.
  • To combat weeds from autumn crops, we recommend starting treatment with ARBITER when the crop plant is in 3 formed leaves phase before the formation of the third knot. The recommended dose is 1 L / ha in a 250-300 L water volume (depending on the herbicide machine used).
  • For spring straw cereal crops, we recommend applying ARBITER starting with the 2 leaf phase of the crop until the appearance of the 2nd internode. The recommended dose is 0.75 L / ha.
  • Maximum results are obtained when the product is applied in the active growth phase of the weeds, and the crop plant does not exceed the development phase mentioned in the usage table.
  • Do not apply to crops affected by drought or very turgescent (plants that have a much higher water content than normal).
  • Fighting weeds from newly sown pastures is done early in autumn, when grass is well developed and weeds are growing. The recommended dose is 0.75 L / ha.
  • For permanent pastures, the recommended dose is 1.25 L / ha in 300-400 L of water in spring when the weeds are in the rosette phase. It can also be used 14-21 days after mowing, when the leaves of the weeds grow again. The treatment can be repeated the following year.
  • Do not perform mechanical work within the first 7 days from the treatment.
  • The application of the ARBITER herbicide is NOT recommended for use on pastures that mix clover or other fodder plants from the leguminous family.
  • WE RECOMMEND to avoid deviations of spraying / drifting; Do NOT treat in wind conditions or near other crops that may be affected or destroyed.

Registration status in Romania:

Crop Weed Application period
Wheat and barley, Autumn crop Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds 1 L / ha (post – emergence application starting with the 3 leaves phase until the 2 formed internodes)
Oat – autumn crop; Rye Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds 1 L / ha (post – emergence application starting with the 3-4 formed leaves phase before the 2 formed internodes)
Fodder maize Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds 1 L / ha (post – emergence application starting with the 3-6 leaves phase until the first node)
Pastures Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds 1 L / ha (for permanent pastures the dose applied as annual treatment will not exceed 30 ml in 10 L of water)
Safety Data Sheet

Use phyto-sanitary products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.

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