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Targa Super

Substanta activa: Quizalofop-P-ethyl

Formulare: Emulsifiable concentrate

Clasa toxicologica: Xn(nociv)

Prezentare: Selective herbicide .Controls annual and perennial grass weeds .

Technical specifications:

  • Uptaken is faster in plants and is transported to the root of the weeds. In this way it destroys not only the product but combat and prevent regeneration foliage of the rhizoms.
  •  Is absorbed through the leaves in a few hours after application, hence it's not conditioned by rainfall.
  •  Maximum effect is obtained during active growth of weeds, when they have 3-6 leaves.
  •  Is not absorbed by roots, it doesn't remain in the soil, so it's not dangerous or doesn't have any restrictions for the next crop

Weeds controled :

  • Control of annual  grasses:
Alopecurus myosuriodes – Slender Meadow Foxtail; Digitaria sanguinalis – Hairy Crabgrass ; Echinochloa crus-gali – Common Barnyard Grass; Lolium spp. – Ryegrass; Panicum spp. – Panic Grasses; Setaria spp. – Foxtail ;  Avena spp. – Wild Oats; Bromus spp. – Prairie Brome; Eleusine spp.-Goosegrass
  • Control of perennial grasses

Agropyron repens – Couch Grass; Cynodon dactylon –Bermuda Grass; Sorgum halepense – Johnson Grass; Imperata cylindrica-Blady Grass ; Pennisetum spp-Pearl Millet .; Paspalum spp.-Paspalum; Phalaris arundinacea-Canarygrass

Panicum spp.


Registration status in Romania:


Weeds Spectrum


Sugar Beet

Annual Grasses

1,0 l/ha postem.

Johnson Grass (Sorghum Halepense)

2 l/ha


Annual Grasses

1,0 l/ha postem.

Johnson Grass (Sorghum Halepense)

2,5 l/ha


Annual Grasses

0,7 l/ha postem.

Johnson Grass(Sorghum Halepense)

1,5 l/ha postem.


Annual Grasses

0,7-1,0 l/ha postem.

Perennial Grasses

1,5-2,0 l/ha postem.

Tomatoes-transplanted seedlings

Annual Grasses

1,0 l/ha postem.


 Directions for use:

  •   Targa Super  should be applied   in post emergence ,  when the grasses have emerged and are in the early stages of development (young weed seedlings). The herbicide does not target leaved weeds or those with narrow leaf that aren't grown yet.
  •    For proper control cultures should be in the early stages of vegetation so as not to prevent contact of the spraying solution with the weeds.
  •    Water volume : 200-300 l / ha.
  Compatibility :
  •  The product must not be mixed with fenoxy-herbicides and ammonium sulfate.


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